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Bravo Blood Glucose Test Strips


"... my experience with the Bravo meter suggests that this product is equivalent in performance to the other sonsumer meters tested and ranks among the top two of the four meter systems tested based on the comparison against the refernce method. I would have no hesitation recommending this meter as a suitable product for monitoring of blood glucose levels for home use based on the evalution data." -

Dr. Alexander D. Romaschin, PhD, DCC, FCACB

Divsion Head, Clinical Biochemistry, St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto


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The performance of Bravo™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System Strips has been evaluated in laboratory and in clinical tests.

Accuracy: The accuracy of the Bravo™ BGM System was assessed by comparing blood glucose results obtained by patients with those obtained using a YSI Model 2300 Glucose Analyzer, a laboratory instrument. The following results were obtained by diabetic patients at clinic centers.

Slope 0.97

Y-intercept -2.39 mg/dL

Correlation coefficient (r) 0.9933

Number of Sample 114

Range tested 45-585 mg/dL

Sizes Available - 100 strips per box

Retail Cost - $39.99

Bravo™ test strips use the enzyme Glucose Oxidase (GOx) as the active reagent and ruthenium as the electron mediator.

So our strips are very glucose specific (not sensitive to maltose and other sugars as GDH-PQQ is known to be), and relatively robust against humidity compared to other strips that use ferricyanide mediator.

Accuracy results for glucose concentration < 75 mg/dL(4.2 mmol/L)

(Within ± 0.28 mmol/L) 8/8 (100%)

(Within ± 0.56 mmol/L) 8/8 (100%)

(Within ± 0.83 mmol/L) 8/8 (100%)

Accuracy results for glucose concentration ≥ 75 mg/dL(4.2 mmol/L)

Within ± 10 % Within ± 15 % Within ± 20 %

82/106 (77%) 101/106 (95%) 106/106 (100%)

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